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New four-, six- and eight-inch active monitors
Following the release of their flagship Exposé E8B active monitor earlier this year, US-based loudspeaker manufacturers KRK have announced a new range of monitors aimed at the project studio user. All three products in the VXT range feature two-way, bi-amped designs, and use KRK’s trademark yellow woven Kevlar woofer cones alongside silk-dome tweeters.

The VXT4, the smallest of the three, features a four-inch woofer, with 30W and 15W amplifiers for the low-frequency and high-frequency drivers respectively. It has a quoted frequency response of 56Hz to 22kHz, and, at just over 10 inches tall, is perfect for portable rigs and setups where space is limited.

The VXT6, predictably, sports a six-inch cone and is equipped with 60W and 30W amplifiers for powering the LF and HF drivers. It handles frequencies down to 49Hz. The largest in the range, the VXT8, has an eight-inch cone and a quoted frequency response of 37Hz to 22kHz, and features 120W and 60W amps for the low- and high-frequency circuits respectively.

Interestingly, both the VXT8 and the VXT6 have ferrite magnets on the tweeters, while the VXT4 uses the lighter and more compact neodymium type. The six- and eight-inch models have adjustment controls that allow you to boost or cut the high-frequency output by 1dB, as well as whole-, half- and quarter-space modes, which introduce a -3dB shelf at 40Hz, 48Hz and 62Hz respectively.

All three VXT models feature balanced XLR and TRS jack inputs on Combi sockets, and have an integrated mounting system called Omni Mount. They also have volume controls and tamper-resistant switches, as well as auto-muting circuits, plus soft limiters that can be disabled.

They’re due for release in late June, and will be available at a cost of £478, £678 and £918 per pair for the VXT4, VXT6 and VXT8.

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