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LANDR Mastering Plugin announced

Based on company's online mastering engine

LANDR Mastering Plugin AI dynamics EQ stereo width loudness processor DAW plug-in

LANDR are well-known for their online platforms, with their popular subscription plan providing a wealth of tools that cover everything from music creation to distribution. Now, they have called upon their expertise in the field of AI-powered processing to develop the LANDR Mastering Plugin, which brings the power of their online mastering engine directly to a user’s DAW.

Boasting a sleek and intuitive interface and combining a range of processes including EQ, dynamics, stereo width and saturation, the plug-in has been designed to offer a shallow learning curve and allow anyone to deliver a professional-sounding masters that translate well across all playback devices.

Setting up the plug-in is as simple as inserting an instance on the master bus in a session, and playing the loudest section of the track. LANDR Mastering Plugin will then analyse the incoming signal, determine the genre, and create a custom processing chain to suit the material. Users are then able to choose between three different modes: Warm, Balanced and Open, which each offer a different overall tonal character.

Those looking for more control over the final sound benefit can then take advantage of a dedicated set of parameters for each processing section. There is a three-band EQ section that offers some tonal adjustment, followed by a Presence control which governs the all-important vocal range, and De-Esser section with adjustable Frequency and Amount controls makes it possible to tackle any remaining sibilance. A Stereo Field slider can then be used to enhance the width of the track, or scale it back to focus more on central mix elements.

A Dynamics section follows, equipped with Compression and Character controls, as well as a Saturation dial that increases harmonic content in order to emulate the sound of valve- and transformer-based equipment. Lastly, a Loudness control determines the final level of the track, and is accompanied by an LUFS meter to make sure the output is hitting the desired target.

The plug-in’s processing is run locally on the host computer and is carried out in real time, meaning that the results can be heard instantly. If changes are made to the mix after LANDR Mastering Plugin has been configured, then the track can simply be analysed again and the the settings will be adjusted to suit.


LANDR Mastering Plugin is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.14 and above. It is available in VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

LANDR Mastering Plugin is available now, priced at $299. It is also included in the company’s LANDR Studio Pro subscription bundle.

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