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Lauten Audio’s latest behind-the-scenes video

In The Room with Trevor Lawrence Jr. & Alex Pasco

Lauten Audio In The Room with Trevor Lawrence Jr. & Alex Pasco drum microphone demo recording session

Lauten Audio’s new In The Room video sees the company head to Studio 606, where a collection of their mics were put to work on a drum recording session run by Alex Pasco, a six-time Grammy-winning engineer who has worked with the likes of Adele, Beck and the Foo Fighters. The drummer in question was none other than Trevor Lawrence Jr., a longtime collaborator of Dr. Dre and first-call player for artists such as Herbie Hancock, LeAnn Rimes and Stevie Wonder.

Over the course of the video, Trevor discusses his history with Dr. Dre and demonstrates a range of tools and techniques he has developed over his career, which has seen him blend the feel of live drumming with the sound of sought-after vintage drum machines. Along with the video, the team have also made the Pro Tools file from the session available for download, so those who are interested can download a copy and check out the recordings for themselves.

Below is a list of the Lauten mics used on the session, along with links to their SOS reviews. 

  • Snare Mic (LS-408) - Top and Bottom Snare
  • Snare Mic (LS-408) - Clapstack
  • LA-220 V2 - Stereo Overheads
  • LA-220 V2 - Toms
  • LS-208 - Poke
  • LS-208 - Kick In
  • LS-208 - Hi Hat
  • LS-308 - SNOM
  • Clarion FC-357 - Kick Out
  • Atlantis FC-387 - Stereo Rooms
  • Eden LT-386 - Mono Overhead

The drum tracks were mixed with a little bit of SSL 4000 G EQ and some light gating on the snares and toms using Sonnox's Oxford Drum Gate. Kicks and snares were run to a parallel DBX 160 compressor for added punch. Kicks, snares and toms were run to a parallel Empirical Labs Fatso, while kicks, snares, toms, clap stack and overheads were run to a parallel Overstayer Saturator NT-02A for some added glue. I reigned in the dynamics of the toms with a pair of UA 1176s, a Manley Vari-Mu Compressor on the Overheads, and finished things off with Oeksound Soothe2 to take care of any harshness from the cymbals through the parallel processors. - Alex Pasco

More information, along with the Pro Tools file from the recording session, can be found on the Lauten Audio website.

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