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Lewitt reveal Connect 6 audio interface

DSP-powered interface features dual-USB-C ports

Lewitt Connect 6 audio interface dual-USB DSP

Lewitt have announced the release of their first audio interface, the Connect 6. The compact device features on-board DSP, a pair of high-quality microphone preamps, two independent headphone outputs, and is equipped with dual-USB-C ports that allow users to integrate an Android or iOS mobile device or second computer into their recording setup.


Lewitt Connect 6 audio interface dual-USB DSPThe majority of the interface's I/O is available on the rear panel. A pair of microphone preamps are fed by XLR/TRS combo sockets on the rear panel and offer 72dB of gain, allowing users the choice of a wide range of microphones without the need for an external signal booster. The noise performance figures are also impressive, with Lewitt claiming an EIN measurement of -133dBV (A-weighted). The Connect 6 also features an Auto Setup function, which will automatically adjust the device’s settings to suit the incoming voice or instrument.

A pair of balanced speaker outputs are present on quarter-inch TRS connectors, and an additional unbalanced speaker output is provided on a 3.5mm mini-jack socket. A second 3.5mm socket offers an aux input for connecting additional audio devices. Two independent headphone outputs are available on the front panel, one via a quarter-inch TRS socket and the other using another mini-jack socket.

Software & DSP

Lewitt Connect 6 audio interface dual-USB DSP control centreConnect 6's routing is configured with the included Control Centre software. Routing is dealt with by the included Control Centre software, which provides users with access to the device’s hardware inputs and outputs, as well as three virtual stereo channels and a loopback channel which allows the capture of system audio (from a browser, game or conference call, for example). Control Centre allows two different mixes to be created and routed independently, offering a way to set up personal monitor mixes or send mixes to a DAW, streaming software, or even to applications on another computer or mobile device, thanks to the dual-USB functionality.

In addition to the control software, the Connect 6 features on-board DSP, which offers an expander, compressor and 4-band EQ processors that can be inserted on the input channels and monitored with no latency whilst recording, and with no load on the host computers CPU.

Connect 6 is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. It will come complete with Steinberg’s Cubase LE and Cubasis LE software, and includes high-quality USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables.

For a detailed explanation of the interface's features, take a look at the video below.


Pricing & Availability

The Connect 6 is available from October 2022, and is priced at $299£259 including VAT / €299.

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