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Meinl Foot Cabasa unveiled

Mi casa su cabasa

Meinl have come up with an interesting new variant on a classic percussion instrument, which opens up new possibilities for both percussionists and drummers. The Foot Cabasa combines a Turbo Cabasa and a foot pedal, so cabasa rhythms can be played with the feet, leaving the hands free for drums or other percussion. The Turbo Cabasa has a cyndrical wooden body with a stainless-steel cylinder, around which the rows of steel beads rotate. The black, powder-coated pedal has a switchable setting so single or double strokes can be played, thus facilitating more complex rhythms. The Foot Cabasa comes with a drum key for adjustments and was a hit at the Frankfurt Musikmesse earlier this year, when advance models were first shown to the trade. In fact it won enough acclaim to be awarded Best Percussion Product in the Musikmesse International Press Awards held during the show.


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