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MOTU launch portable Firewire interface

Introducing the new MOTU Traveler
The latest product from Mark Of The Unicorn is the Traveler, a portable, 24-bit/192kHz Firewire Audio+MIDI recording interface for Windows 2000, ME and XP and Mac OS X.
The Traveler shares many features with MOTU’s 1U 828 MkII interface — a pretty portable unit in itself — but is even smaller, measuring 14.75 x 1.75 x 9 inches (WHD). Rack ears can be attached so that the Traveler can be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack, but without them it fits neatly into a laptop-sized bag.
What’s more, the unit can be powered by the Firewire buss and is designed to draw as little power as necessary, conserving battery power when connected to a laptop. The Traveler can also be powered from a mains adaptor (not included) or by an external battery pack.
It has four phantom-powered mic/instrument preamps (two more than the 828 MkII!) with individual -20dB pads, a further four balanced line inputs, eight balanced line outputs, and co-axial S/PDIF, AES-EBU and optical ADAT inputs and outputs, plus ADAT sync input and word clock input and output. Internal mix settings, including level, grouping and output assignments, can be controlled entirely from the front panel or by the Cuemix Console software. The front panel features a backlit two-line LCD display and 12 five-segment LED level meters covering both the analogue and digital I/O.
The Traveler includes a 16-channel MIDI interface that provides sample-accurate timing with supporting software. Connect a MIDI keyboard, sound module or control surface, and you are ready to go. Interestingly, the FireWire cable carries both MIDI and audio, so you don't need to connect an additional USB cable for MIDI.
The Traveler will be available soon, and will cost £795.

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