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MPS-10 drum pad and KAOSS Replay from Korg

Two new performance instruments revealed

Korg MPS-10 MIDI drum percussion pad sampler performance instrument

Korg have announced the launch of a pair of new performance instruments in the form of the MPS‑10, a powerful drum, percussion and sampler pad, and the KAOSS Replay, a self-contained performance tool that combines a sampler with their iconic XY pad-based effects system.


Korg say that the MPS-10 has been designed to cater to the evolving needs of today’s drummers and percussionists. It has been designed by the team behind the WaveDrum and Pearl e/MERGE, and aims to offer a powerful blend of sonic capability and performance control. There are six large drum pads, along with four CC pads that promise to provide precise real-time control over a wide range of instrument parameters, and the device also packs in an intuitive sampler and four-track looper.

There are over 3000 high-quality samples built in, ranging from expressive instrument tones to the essential electronic hits that drive modern drum sounds, and users are able to import their own samples from a USB flash drive and assign them to any pad. It is possible to replace portions of preset kits to create custom soundsets, and a web-based MPS-10 Editor application makes it possible to edit kits from a computer in addition to the device’s onboard capabilities. A Smooth Sound Transition feature ensures seamless transitions between patches by allowing decaying sounds to continue uninterrupted as a new patch is loaded, and a Sound Off button makes it possible to mute the output on demand, if required.

The CC pads are placed along the top edge of the MPS-10, and are said to be capable of detecting the position of a strike with incredible precision. As a result, they offer powerful and detailed control over instrument and effects parameters, making it possible to perform EDM-style drum rolls and transform sounds in real time by manipulating filtering and effects functions.

The unit boasts a selection of built-in effects, with master reverb and filter processors joined by a pair of insert effects and an assignable master effects slot. Usefully, effects can be toggled on or off independently for each pad. The onboard four-track looper makes quick work of creating repeating phrases, and is capable of exporting each track as an audio file.

The majority of the MPS-10’s connectivity is provided on quarter-inch TRS sockets, with a pair of main outputs joined by two sub outputs and dedicated headphone output. There are also line-level and microphone inputs for use with the sampler, and a pair of trigger inputs make it possible to accommodate up to four external triggers to expand the on-board pads. The unit also supports a pair of footswitches and an expression pedal. A MIDI output is provided on a five-pin DIN socket, and connectivity with a computer is taken care of by a USB-B port. The MPS-10 accepts 9V DC power from an external PSU.

KAOSS Replay

Korg KAOSS Replay XY pad effects sampler performance instrument

Designed for use both on stage an in the studio, the new KAOSS Replay combines a powerful sampling system with the XY pad-based effects originally introduced in Korg’s KAOSS Pad devices. 16 velocity-sensitive pads with eight banks offer access to up to 128 samples, whilst the built-in touch pad offers intuitive hands-on control over a vast collection of 128 effects.

Filters, delays and reverbs are joined by a range of modulation effects, loopers, vocoders and synth-style effects, along with a selection of pitch-based options dedicated to vocal processing. A Pad Motion feature allows users to easily automate their effects, whilst a Touch Hold mode makes it possible to fix them at the pad’s current position, and a FX Release function helps to ensure smooth transitions.

KAOSS Replay is capable of sampling line-level or microphone sources, and is kitted out with a range of features that make it quick and simple to capture incoming audio and assign it to the built-in pads. Once a target pad has been chosen, users can simply set the desired number of measures and record in their desired sound, where it can be instantly played back, or fine-tuned with the unit’s onboard trimming functions. The device can also act as MIDI controller and also boasts an integrated USB audio interface.

Stereo line-level inputs and outputs are provided on RCA connectors (the input can also be switched to Phono mode for connecting turntables) and a 3.5mm mini-jack aux input is also present. A pair of five-pin DIN sockets provide MIDI I/O, and a quarter-inch TRS socket offers footswitch connectivity. A pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets placed on the front panel offer a headphone output, and a microphone input. Power is delivered via USB-C.

Pricing & Availability

The MPS-10 and KAOSS Replay are both priced at £949 including VAT, with shipping dates yet to be confirmed.

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