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Music Theory Cheat Sheet

Interactive online guide to music theory

Music Theory Cheat Sheet chords scales intervals circle of fifths online lessons training

Musician and producer Sébastien Noël has created a website containing a wide variety of tools aimed at helping those interested in learning music theory. His latest creation, the Music Theory Cheat Sheet, offers an interactive way to study keys, scales, modes, notes, chords, and intervals.

The browser-based tool allows users to select any major or minor scale, and the page will respond by displaying the common chords and modes associated with it, each of which is equipped with a play button which triggers a demonstration using piano samples, as well as displaying the note positions on an on-screen keyboard as they play. The keyboard itself can also be played directly from the browser by simply clicking on each key, allowing users to follow the on-screen information and hear the results for themselves.

In addition to the Music Theory Cheat Sheet, the website also contains a number of other helpful tools, such as interval charts, chord charts, scale finders, tuners, and much more. There is even a virtual piano that can be played from an external MIDI keyboard when using a browser that supports MIDI devices, such as Chrome.

Sébastien says that he started learning music theory and production as an adult, and decided to create his website to anchor his own learning and provide other learners with a creative and interesting way to approach music theory. The site is free for anyone to use, and those who wish to show their support are able to make a donation via the site, which Sébastien says will directly support him in creating more content and tools in the future.

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