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NAMM 2018: Audient intro iD44 interface

Latest iD interface offers 20 ins and 24 outs

Audient have an excellent reputation when it comes to audio interfaces. Their iD22 was a huge hit when it was released, and the British company have since released two more compact audio interfaces in the shape of the iD14 and iD4. Responding to calls for a device with even more I/O, Audient present the iD44. Premiering at the NAMM Show, the iD44 features four of the same Class-A console mic pres found in all Audient interfaces and studio desks. It also boasts 20 inputs and 24 outputs thanks to two ADAT lightpipe I/Os.

It will be available soon for £499/$699 and features ScrollControl, softkeys, BNC word clock and two JFET instrument DIs.

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