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Neural DSP Quad Cortex firmware

Powerful modelling pedal receives major update

Neural DSP Quad Cortex guitar amp cabinet modelling pedal impulse response firmware update

Neural DSP have announced the release of a software update for their Quad Cortex amp modelling pedal. The introduction of CorOS 2.0.0 brings with it a whole host of new features and improvements including a much-requested Hybrid Mode, a redesigned file manager system, cloud backup options, and almost 900 new Neural Captures.

New Features

A newly added Hybrid Mode, accessible via a new ‘Modes Configuration’ option in the device’s main menu, allows users to assign separate operation modes to each row of the unit's footswitches. This means that the device’s Scene and Stomp modes can now both be run simultaneously, for example, a feature that Neural DSP say is an ideal solution for players wishing to quickly access different presets but still retain control over individual elements of their patch.

A new IR Loader block has been added, allowing users to browse and select impulse responses directly from their device. Once an impulse response has been loaded, its parameters can be modified using the on-board controls. Single and Double IR Loader blocks are available, with the Double variant allowing users to load two impulse responses and control them independantly.

Out 1/2 and Out 3/4 have gained a global EQ which is available via a new EQ button placed in the I/O Settings screen. Tapping the button will reveal a five-band parametric EQ which can be assigned to either output, or to both, and it is also now possible to configure which output is affected by the device’s Master Volume knob. All compressor devices now benefit from the addition of a gain reduction meter in their Parameter Editor (with the exception of the Jewel and Chief CS3), and Cabs, IR Loaders, or Neural Captures on any row can now be bypassed globally.

Neural DSP have also introduced a Device Versioning function, allowing them to non-destructively add new versions of devices with improved sound or performance without affecting users’ patches. Updates for devices will be indicated by a green icon placed on the device’s icon within The Grid, with users able to switch between new and legacy versions from within the Parameter Editor. A range of new devices and updates are included with the new firmware, all of which take advantage of the new Device Versioning feature.


Quad Cortex’s Directory has been completely redesigned, with changes to the searching, filtering, and categorisation functions helping to speed up the process of finding and loading sounds. Presets, Neural Captures and IRs are now organised into separate categories, with each category capable of being collapsed or expanded. The number of Captures that can be stored has been doubled, with the My Captures folder capable of accommodating 2048, and it is now possible to save a total of 3072 users presets.

Neural DSP have also implemented an online backup solution, with users able to create up to five cloud-based backups of their device, which can be edited, updated, or deleted via the company’s Cortex Cloud service.

A full list of all of the new and updated devices, along with in-depth information on the updated file system, user interface functionality, and bug fixes can be found here.


CorOS 2.0.0 is available now, and can be downloaded directly from the Quad Cortex via its Wi-Fi connection. Neural DSP recommend creating a backup of their current settings before carrying out a firmware update.

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