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Rode unveil Thread Adaptor

Adaptors for all common mic and camera mounts included

Rode Thread Adaptor

Rode's new Thread Adaptor kit might just be one of the niftiest gizmos we've seen in a while. It's basically a carabiner (perhaps not suitable for rock climbing but certainly serviceable as a keyring!), with screw-on adaptors for converting mic-stand threads between all the usual sizes (the UK's 3/8-inch standard, US-style 5/8-inch threads, and the 1/8-inch type commonly used by camera equipment). All the thread adaptors are slotted, and also included as part of the complete assembly is a natty little wide-blade screwdriver for fitting and removing them.

The Rode Thread Adaptor is made of stainless steel and brass (and finished in standard-issue Rode Satin Nickel), and carries a US price of $25.

Sometimes it's the little things that get you excited, but if you've ever been caught short with the wrong type of mic stand or clip, you'll understand why we don't just want one — we want a bag full.

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