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sE Electronics DynaCaster

Phantom-powered mic offers six tonal options

sE Electronics DynaCaster

sE Electronics' latest mic is a dynamic with a twist. Built into an all-metal broadcast-style barrel chassis, the new DynaCaster can work either as a conventional dynamic, or as a phantom-powered 'activated' mic, thanks to its incorporation of sE's acclaimed Dynamite preamp circuitry. Here, engaging the preamp doesn't just add gain (a generous 30dB of it); it also opens up a wealth of tonal options.

sE Electronics DynaCaster switchesTwo recessed slide switches at the bottom of the mic offer three options each. The first provides flat, cut and boost settings for the bass, while the second has one flat setting and two degrees of HF boost — the combination providing six distinct sonic flavours.

The all-important capsule is a cardioid affair, and employs the same lightweight aluminium voice coil as sE's live-oriented V series dynamic models. In the DynaCaster, it's housed behind a three-layer filter, while internally it employs extensive shockmounting, obviating the need for a large and obtrusive cradle mount.

Available now, the sE Electronics DynaCaster carries a price of $329 in the States and €269 in Europe, and ships with a windscreen and mic stand thread adaptor.

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