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Free percussion iOS app from Klevgränd

Rassel turns your phone into a percussion instrument

Klevgränd Rassel

Swedish software devs Klevgränd have excellent form when it comes to useful, simple and fun percussion instruments, but their latest may top the lot. Rassel is an iOS app that turns your phone into a collection of hand percussion instruments, including a shaker, a shaky egg, a tambourine and a set of hand bells. Each instrument can be set to either Loose, Normal or Tight responses, and the app uses the accelerometer in your iDevice to detect when and how you’re shaking it.

The video below is a lovely demonstration, and we can confirm that it’s as much fun as it looks to use! Installation is painless, the app doesn’t ask for any suspicious permissions, and the sounds it generates are remarkably realistic and impressively responsive. Oh yes, and it’s free! Highly recommended.

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