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SE Electronics launch SE7 pencil mics & in-line preamp at AES

SE7 and Dynamite shown at AES Convention in NYC

Prolific mic-makers sE Electronics are attending the AES Convention in New York this week to exhibit two new products for the home recordist: an affordable small-diaphragm microphone, and an in-line phantom-powered preamp.

The sE7 is a cardioid capacitor mic with an impressive SPL-handling capability of 150dB, and its makers are pitching it as an ideal microphone for beginners, thanks to its smooth sound and affordable price. Its makers are keen to stress that, unlike many budget SDCs, the sE7 doesn't suffer from a 'fizzy' high-end or weedy bass response. Featuring a switchable low-cut filter and attenuating pad, the sE7 is available now for just $99, or they can be bought in matched pairs for $199.

Meanwhile, the DM1 Dynamite promises to help you get the most out of your existing passive ribbon and dynamic microphones. With XLRs at each end, the DM1 simply connects between your mic and preamp, and uses your preamp's phantom power to provide an extra 28dB of gain, demanding less gain from your preamp and incurring lower noise — a particular problem when using vintage or low-output mics with budget preamps and interfaces, or indeed when driving longer cable runs. The DM1 is priced at $99.

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