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SSL expand interface software bundle

Get free plug-ins when you buy an SSL 2 or 2+

SSL Producer Pack

SSL's compact and high-quality 2 and 2+ interfaces will now ship with two extra free plug-ins. They already came with licences for the company's own DrumStrip and VocalStrip 2 processors, and to those have been added SSL's FlexVerb and X-comp processors.

FlexVerb is an algorithmic reverb, offering a choice of four algorithms (Room, Hall, Plate and Chamber), and extensive shaping options, including the ability to combine the early reflections from one algorithm with the tail of another.

X-comp, meanwhile, is a comprehensive stereo compressor that, in addition to the usual parameters, offers extensive control of the transfer curve (via an adjustable 'knee' shape), side-chain filtering, a pre-/post-processing histogram, peak and RMS metering, and instant A/B comparison switching.

The newly enhanced Production Pack will ship free with anyone who buys an SSL 2 or 2+, and can also be retrospectively redeemed by existing owners.

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