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Synthesized - Two Day Event

Festival of the Computer and Synthesizer

Synthesized - Festival of the Computer and Synthesizer

Synthesized is a two day festival celebrating the computer and synthesizer - and how the two technologies grew up together.
Hosted at the Centre For Computing History, Cambridge. The event includes demonstrations of old and rare instruments plus live music performances.


Rob Puricelli
Fairlight Enthusiast & Restorer and Music Technology Blogger will be demonstrating the Fairlight CMI.

Liam Fretwell
Will be bringing a number of classic and modern synthesizers such as the Korg MS-20 mini, Novation MiniNova, Waldorf Pulse 2 and Roland’s last ‘true’ analog polysynth - the JX-10 Super JX. All the synths will be playable.

Also, Liam will be entertaining visitors on Saturday with a session of synth classics, original music and chipmusic.

Dr. Alan Ip
Musician/Music Producer, Vintage Synth DIYer/Collector, University Lecturer, Principal Software Program Manager (Cloud & AI). Alan will bring his favourite pre-MIDI era analog synthesizers such as the ARP 2600, together with two infamous hardware sequencers, the Roland MC-4 MicroComposer - an early microprocessor-based music sequencer that revolutionised electronic music composition in the 80s, and the modern Sequentix Cirklon.
(Saturday only)

Greengate DS:4

Martin Ley (of Twilight Passion) and Colin Holgate (co-founder of Greengate) donated to the museum a Greengate DS:4, probably the only working example in the world. Greengate built this budget British Fairlight, based around an Apple IIe, from 1982 to 1987. It was used by bands such as Mainframe, The JAMs (aka The KLF), New Order and even appears on "I want your sex" by George Michael.

We will get the DS:4 running again to demonstrate it and hopefully premier a new piece of music written for it.

Clarissa Vincent
'Girl In A Gale' - Dub Techno -  will be performing in the main hall on Sunday afternoon.

The event also features Tony Jewell demonstrating the power of MIDI, Synth modifier Chris Strellis, Andy Taylor running MIDI on some unlikely computers, Modular synth developer Paula Maddox, Darren Blaxcell with Rakits and Soulsby Synthesizers. See website for info about which days they can be seen.

The museum is home to a collection of over 30 synthesizers which will be on display throughout the weekend.

Synthesized Day 1 - Saturday 25th June (10am - 7pm)
Synthesized Day 2 - Sunday 26th June 2(10am - 5pm)

Tickets £10 per day from the website.
Concessions available.…

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