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Techivation launch T-Imager

Simple and intuitive stereo image control

Techivation T-Imager mid-side stereo imaging plug-in

Techivation’s latest release, T-Imager, is a stereo imaging plug-in that has been designed to offer a simple and effective way of controlling the mid and side elements of a stereo signal. Using a mix of level and filter-based processing, T-Imager offers users a way to adjust the stereo image of their source material without introducing any artefacts.

Techivation T-Imager mid-side stereo imaging plug-in GUIT-Imager features Techivation's usual GUI, which focuses on simplicity and ease of use.T-Imager’s GUI will be a familiar sight to Techivation users, following the same clean, intuitive layout as their previous offerings. Central to the interface is a large Balance knob, which offers a blend control between the mid and sides elements of the source material. By default the control is set at a value of 0.5, with lower values increasing the level of the mid element, and higher values increasing the level of the sides. At a value of 0, only the mid content is heard (making the sound mono), whilst a value of 1 leaves only the sides signal present. Dedicated input and output level sliders are provided, placed either side of the main Balance control.

Both the mid and side elements are equipped with their own Filter and EQ controls, which are placed along the bottom of the GUI. The Filter knobs engage a high-pass filter, offering a low-frequency cut up to a value of 300Hz. Both EQs function as a tilt by default, and are capable of boosting high frequencies whilst attenuating the low-frequency content or vice versa. A Boost button above each EQ control allows them to be switched into a ‘smile’ curve mode, boosting or attenuating both the high and low frequencies at once. A pair of Solo buttons are also provided, allowing users to monitor just the mid or sides element of their source material.

As with the rest of Techivation’s range, the plug-in is also equipped with useful features such as an A/B comparison switch, undo and redo functions, a selection of presets, up to 16x oversampling modes, and a scaleable GUI with a range of 80 to 150 %.


T-Imager is supported on PCs running Windows 7 and above, and Macs running macOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and above. Apple’s M1 and M2 processors are also natively supported. The plug-in is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Pricing & Availability

T-Imager is available now from the Techivation website, and is currently being offered for an introductory price of $29, reduced from its full price of $49. Owners of other premium Techivation plug-ins are currently eligible for a loyalty offer price of $19.

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