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Universal Audio announce Apollo Expanded software

Mix and match Apollos, Console 2.0 & new plug-ins announced

Apollo Console 2.0Due for release in Spring 2015, the UAD Software v8.0 update will introduce exciting new features for the Apollo range of audio interfaces from Universal Audio. The included Apollo Expanded software will allow up to four equipped Apollo units to be cascaded off a single Thunderbolt port, running up to six simultaneous UAD2 devices.

Meanwhile, the new Console 2.0 software is a Retina display-compatible update to the Apollo control panel, boasting 25 new features including channel strip presets that let you save and recall chains of UAD plug-ins, advanced monitoring and headphone cue control features, multi-level undo/redo and plug-in preset auditioning and drag-and-drop functionality.

You can now mix and match up to four Apollo interfacesUAD v8.0 will also add two new effects to the Powered Plug-in library. Antares Auto-Tune Live offers ultra-low latency and real-time pitch correction, while Distortion Essentials emulates three classic pedals: the Ibanez Tube Screamer, ProCo Rat and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. There's also a new effect called Sound Machine Wood Works ($299) that makes acoustic guitar piezo pickups sound like a studio-miked acoustic. And, on top of that, there's a new Friedman Amplifiers Plug-In Collection by Brainworx ($249) offering emulations of two of the world’s best boutique high-gain amps (BE100 and DS40).

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