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Zoom H4 'Handy' Recorder

New pocket-sized portable recorder from Zoom
Following similar products from the likes of M-Audio and Edirol, Zoom have announced their own portable stereo recorder, the H4 'Handy' Recorder. The H4 has a similar range of features to its counterparts, with 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 recording capabilities, built-in stereo condenser mics and USB connections, for computer file-transfer.

However, Zoom's offering affords a few unexpected features, which will, no doubt, be of use to people on-the-move. Instead of a conventional quarter-inch or mini-jack input, as found on some other models, the H4 features two combination XLR/quarter-inch jack inputs with full phantom-powering capabilities, allowing any pair of microphones to be used as an alternative to the on-board set-up.

It also has a four-track recording mode, making it perfect as a scratch pad for recording ideas. On-board effects will make the H4 more attractive to guitarists, and the quarter-inch instrument inputs make it even easier to jam along to recorded tracks.

The final — and possibly the most interesting — thing, is the inclusion of a USB audio interface, meaning you can not only transfer and back-up files to and from your PC or Mac, but use it to record stereo audio directly into a DAW as well. What's more, the H4 comes bundled with Cubase LE, so you can get started right away. There's the price, too — the Zoom H4 is expected to cost just £250 when it hits the shops in November. Keep an eye on Zoom's web site for the latest news.
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