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Boss RV-500

Reverb Processor
Published October 2018
By Paul White

Boss RV‑500

Covering the everyday and the esoteric, could this pedal meet all your reverb needs?

Once upon a time, reverb came in just a few flavours, typically a spring, a plate, or maybe the acoustics of a large physical space — and digital reverb units were all about emulating those things. While the first such processors weren’t entirely successful in emulating these acoustic and mechanical reverberations they offered a distinctive sound of their own which quickly became part of our musical history. The possibilities that digital processing opened up soon meant that reverb was not only about creating believable spaces but became elevated to the status of ‘special effect’ — lots of deliberately unnatural variants started to become popular, such as infinite reverb, reverse reverb, reverb with modulation, and pitch‑shifted ’shimmer’ reverb.


Today’s stompbox market already caters for more adventurous reverb tastes with devices such as Eventide’s H9 and Black Hole, Strymon’s Big Sky, the Source Audio Ventris and...

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Published October 2018