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Mix Rescue: Othmar Schönafinger | Audio

Audio files to accompany the article. By Sam Inglis
Published June 2014

The files that you can download on this page accompany the Mix Rescue article which appears in Sound On Sound June 2014

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Audio Examples



The 'before and after' mixes, roughly level‑matched. The original is pretty loud, so a fair amount of limiting was necessary to achieve this!



In these files you hear each drum mic in turn — kick, snare bottom, snare top, overhead, 'Elvis' mic and room mic — followed by the complete drum mix. As you can hear, the under‑snare mic was used only as a reverb feed in the final mix.



The bass guitar received some transient processing to tame the note attacks, plus compression and saturation.



The raw acoustic guitar sound combined a woofy low end with harsh high frequencies. This was tackled using EQ and a tape emulator.



As recorded, the lead vocal sound was thin and harsh. Quite a lot of processing was required to thicken it up.



This chorus of Othmar Schönafingers appears towards the end of the song. With the aim of making it sound more like a real group of singers, I rolled off a lot of the top end and applied masses of reverb.


In remixing 'Oh Boy' I made a lot of use of the Drive saturation control in Softube's Console 1. Out of curiousity I decided to see how the mix would change if I reset the Drive controls on every channel to zero... the answer is "very different indeed”, as well as being some 7 or 8 dB quieter (before limiting).

Published June 2014