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Reviews of hot music and recording apps for iOS and occasionally Android devices.

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    Elf Audio Koala Sampler

    Sampler App For iOS & Android

    Koala Sampler makes sampling simple again.

    Reviews Oct 2022
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    Moog Minimoog Model D App

    Minimoog Model D macOS app out now

    Moog launch the first official app version of the iconic Minimoog Model D

    This software recreation of their legendary monophonic synthesizer is now available for Mac computers as well as iPhone and iPad.

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    RT60 Songzap

    Pre-production App For iOS

    Could this natty iPhone app help you structure your songs and make better demos?

    Reviews Sep 2022
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    e-instruments Pure Upright iOS iPad iPhone piano app

    e-instruments Pure Upright

    Upright piano for iPad and iPhone

    Pure Upright from e-instruments is a multi-sampled upright piano for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices.

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    Zipper Noise FREQUIA Technical Ear Training

    Zipper Noise FREQUIA Technical Ear Training

    Adaptive, personalised ear training for audio engineers

    Zipper Noise release FREQUIA, which they claim to be the world's most advanced technical ear training program.

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    PlayScore 2

    Notation App [iOS/Android]

    PlayScore 2 is an iOS and Android app that performs OMR (optical music recognition) via a device’s camera or graphics‑type file import.

    Reviews . Jun 2022
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    Splice CoSo music creation app

    Splice launch CoSo musical sketchpad app

    A new intelligent surface for music creation

    New music creation app from Splice allows users to select a genre and then employ AI to generate musical ideas.

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    Dolby PHRTF

    Dolby announce personalised HRTF app

    Improve your Atmos monitoring!

    New iOS tool lets you create a personalised head-related transfer function.

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    Klevgränd Rassel

    Free percussion iOS app from Klevgränd

    Rassel turns your phone into a percussion instrument

    Latest instrument from Swedish devs offers shaker, shaky egg, tambourine sounds and more!

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    FAC Drumkit

    Percussion App For iOS

    FAC Drumkit is a flexible drum synth and sample player.

    Reviews Dec 2021
  • link Decibel Decibel turns old devices into meters

    Put your old Android & iOS devices to use!

    App+plug-in combo lets you use iOS and Android devices as external meters for your DAW.

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    Bram Bos Woott

    Multiband Compressor For iOS

    Woott is described as a ‘dynamic hype enhancer’ , which suggests we are in for a bit of not‑so‑subtle compression...

    Reviews Nov 2021
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    Soundbrenner Core

    Wearable Metronome/Music Tool

    The Soundbrenner Core is a smartwatch made for musicians.

    Reviews Sep 2021
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    Steinberg Cubasis 3.2

    DAW For iOS & Android

    Steinberg’s mobile DAW just got even better!

    Reviews May 2021
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    SoundGym EQ Playground

    SoundGym: new ear training platform launched

    Hone your listening skills online

    Online service lets you hone your listening skills using EQ games and challenges.

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    Sugar Bytes DrumComputer

    Drum Machine App For iPad

    Sugar Bytes bring their powerful drum machine to iPad.

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    TouchOSC BBC Spitfire

    TouchOSC preset for Spitfire BBC SO released

    Use your iOS or Android device to switch articulations, adjust the mix, and more

    Use your phone or tablet to control articulations, mix levels and more in real time.

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    SOS App

    New Sound On Sound App launched: Smartphone and Tablet compatible

    Offers Landscape/Portrait views, Pinch-Zoom, improved audio player and more!

    SOS unveils a major redesign and update to our iOS /Android Tablet Apps which launched on 21st January 2021. Now Smartphone compatible!  

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    Metasystem Metagrid

    Remote Control App For iPad

    Metagrid lets you control multiple pieces of software from a single iPad app.

    Reviews Nov 2020
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    Steinberg Cubasis 3

    DAW For Android

    Can Steinberg recreate the Cubasis DAW experience on Android?

    Reviews Oct 2020
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    Sugar Bytes Looperator For iPad

    Step-based Multi-effects Processor

    Looperator takes any audio source and slices it into 16 steps, applying a series of effects to any step that include filters, stutters, slices, distortion, tape stops, volume modulation and looping.

    Reviews Sep 2020


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