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Impulse Response (IR) Libraries

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    Universal Audio UAFX OX Stomp speaker cabinet microphone room modelling guitar effects pedal

    Universal Audio unveil OX Stomp pedal

    Latest UAFX pedal models cabinets, mics & room

    Universal Audio’s new OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator comes packed with authentic-sounding cabinet, microphone and room models, as well as offering a selection of built-in studio-quality effects.

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    HeadRush Core multi-effects guitar vocal pedalboard amp cabinet modelling Auto-Tune

    HeadRush release Core pedalboard system

    Compact version of flagship processor

    HeadRush's new system packs the same processing power as their flagship HeadRush Prime into a more compact chassis.

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    MODCAF Test Chamber Live UK electronic experimental music live performance event workshop wind tunnel

    MODCAF Test Chamber project

    Upcoming performance in historic wind tunnel

    Electronic music community MODCAF's latest project centres around a series of recordings and performances in a disused wind tunnel.

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    Tonemission John Petrucci IR Collection guitar cabinet impulse response library

    Tonemission debut: John Petrucci IR Collection

    First product from new guitar technology brand

    The first release from John Petrucci's new Tonemission brand contains a selection of impulse responses that capture the exact signal chain used for his three most recent albums.

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    Two notes Audio Engineering Don Broco DynIR Collection Torpedo guitar bass cabinet modelling impulse response library

    Two notes launch Don Broco DynIR Collection

    Latest Artist Series release now available

    The latest DynIR bundle for Two notes' Torpedo modelling systems contains seven guitar and bass cabinet models from the live and studio rigs of British rock band Don Broco.

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    Samplicity Berlin Studio convolution reverb Teldex orchestral mockups

    Samplicity update Berlin Studio reverb

    Performance improvements for convolution reverb plug-in

    Samplicity's have updated Berlin Studio, a convolution reverb plug-in that captures the sound of Teldex studio and allows users to place their sound sources at 18 different virtual positions. 

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    Waves Voltage Amps guitar bass amp modelling cabinet simulation plug-in

    Waves release Voltage Amps plug-ins

    Promises quick and easy classic and modern amp tones

    Waves' new guitar and bass amp simulation plug-ins offer a total of seven amp models which aim to deliver perfect tones right out of the box. 

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    IK Multimedia Tone Model ToneNET guitar amp effects modelling software hardware competition giveaway

    IK Multimedia reach 10,000 Tone Models

    $10,000 gear and software giveaway to celebrate

    Over 10,000 user-created Tone Models for IK Multimedia's TONEX software are now available, and the company are giving away a collection of hardware and software to celebrate.

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    GPU Audio free impulse response convolution reverb plug-in files

    GPU Audio offering free impulse responses

    Technology also now supported on macOS

    GPU Audio are offering a free collection of 50 impulse responses created by their community as part of a recent competition. 

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    Two notes DynIR Ministry Hot Rod guitar cabinet impulse response library industrial heavy metal amp simulation bundle

    Two notes unveil Ministry DynIR Hot Rod

    Latest cabinet impulse response bundle

    The latest DynIR release from Two notes captures a selection of guitar cabinets picked by industrial metal band Ministry. 

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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex guitar amp cabinet modelling pedal impulse response firmware update

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex firmware

    Powerful modelling pedal receives major update

    The latest firmware for Neural DSP's Quad Cortex introduces almost 900 new Neural Captures along with a new Hybrid Mode, a redesigned UI, and much more. 

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    Lese Eigen custom reverb tool export impulse response convolution

    Eigen Space Simulator from Lese

    Plug-in exports custom impulse responses

    Eigen allows users to create their own custom reverbs and export them as impulse responses which can be used in convolution reverb plug-ins. 

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    Bogren Digital Tue Masden Signature IR Pack

    Tue Madsen IR Pack from Bogren Digital

    Guitar cabinet IRs from top metal producer/engineer

    Bogren Digital’s latest release provides a collection of guitar cabinet impulse responses captured by renowned metal producer Tue Madsen.

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    Colin Cartmell: Making Great Guitar Cab IRs

    Roll Your Own Impulse Responses

    Colin Cartmell’s decades‑long tonequest has led him to create some of the best guitar cabinet IRs out there — so we asked him for advice on how to roll your own.

    Techniques Sep 2022
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    Digital Performer: Guitar Amp Impulse Responses

    MOTU Digital Performer Tips & Techniques

    DP's ProVerb offers an easy way to experiment with guitar amp impulse responses.

    Techniques Jun 2022
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    TC Electronic Impulse

    IR-based Speaker Emulation Pedal

    The Impulse pedal can store up to 99 impulse responses and comes ready loaded with some excellent IRs from Celestion’s collection.

    Reviews Jun 2022
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    JTC Tones Cyber Driver & Daemon Driver

    Cabinet Impulse Response Libraries

    It takes a hell of a lot of prep and expertise to create the perfect cabinet IR library...

    Reviews Oct 2021
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    Celestion Speaker/Cab Impulse Responses

    Format: WAV files

    Celestion have made available impulse responses for a wide range of their classic speakers mounted in 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets, and miked with appropriate single or double mic arrays.

    Reviews Jan 2018
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    Sample Your Gear With Acustica Audio Nebula

    Nebula Tips & Techniques

    There are some stunningly good Libraries for Acustica Audio's Nebula dynamic convolution plug-in, but you can also create your own. We invited one of the best Nebula developers to tell you how.

    Techniques Jun 2014
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    Creative Convolution: New Sounds From Impulse Responses

    Tips & Techniques

    When is a reverb not a reverb? When it's a filter, of course! There's more to convolution than meets the ear, and creative processing of impulse responses can yield extraordinary results.

    Techniques Sep 2010
  • Techniques Sep 2010


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