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    Inside Track: Central Cee 'Straight Back To It'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineeers: Sean Donoghue

    Central Cee has taken drill music to the top of the UK album charts, thanks to some very fast work from mix engineer Sean Donoghue.

    Techniques . May 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Stan Kybert

    Specialising In Immersive Music

    Taking a chance on immersive music has paid off handsomely for producer Stan Kybert, who has reinvented himself as one of the UK’s busiest Atmos mixers.

    Techniques . May 2022
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    Morgan Geist

    Producer / Remixer / DJ

    Enigmatic New York producer Morgan Geist began making techno in his ’90s college dorm before a remix turned his life upside down.

    People . May 2022
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    Talkback: Sea Change

    Norwegian Producer & Singer Ellen AW Sunde

    Sea Change is the moniker of Norwegian producer and singer Ellen AW Sunde, whose ethereal music borrows from club culture as much as it does from ambient and experimental soundscapes.

    People May 2022
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    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec

    Genelec - Developments In Immersive Audio | Podcast

    GLM Speaker Calibration • Aural ID Headphone Personalisation

    Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec, talks to Sam Inglis about the latest developments in immersive audio, GLM measurement software and Aural ID technology.

    People May 2022
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    Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai

    Keyboard Processing Tips | Podcast

    How To Enhance Your Mix

    Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai talks us through five of his favourite keyboard processing tips.

    Techniques May 2022
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    Eddie Bazil - Production Engineer

    Sound Design Using Filters | Podcast

    Six Creative Techniques

    Eddie Bazil gives six sound design tips, using various plug-in filters to create unique instrument sounds and to add interest and movement to mixes.

    Techniques May 2022
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    How I Got That Sound: Carl Bell & Ben Grosse

    Fuel ‘Solace’

    How they recorded the solo on ‘Solace’ from Fuel’s second album, Something Like Human (2000).

    Techniques Apr 2022
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    Inside Track: Encanto ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineer: David Boucher

    With six lead singers, an orchestra and more, ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ from Encanto was always going to be an epic production challenge — and then lockdown happened.

    Techniques . Apr 2022
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    Mike Dean

    Super Producer

    With an extraordinary track record as producer, songwriter, musician, mixer and remixer, Mike Dean is a one‑man music industry.

    People . Apr 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Andy Bradfield

    Getting To Grips With Dolby Atmos

    Leading mix engineer Andy Bradfield shares some of the lessons he’s learned in getting to grips with Dolby Atmos.

    Techniques . Apr 2022
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    Howard Gray Producer

    Howard Gray - Producer | Podcast

    Engineering Tales From The '80s

    Howard Gray gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes of recording and engineering some of the biggest tracks of the '80s.

    People Apr 2022
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    Inside Track: Gayle ‘ABCDEFU’

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Peter Nappi

    It was just another session for producer Peter Nappi, but Gayle’s ‘ABCDEFU’ would become one of the most listened‑to tracks of 2022.

    Techniques . Mar 2022
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    Two-stage Mixing

    Making The Most Of Home Recordings

    Our tame engineer describes a new approach to mixing that helped him to get the best out of an EP that was recorded remotely during lockdown.

    Techniques . Mar 2022
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    Mixing Atmos: Greg Wells

    Creating Real-world Dolby Atmos Content

    We talk to the people who are creating real‑world Atmos content, starting with Canadian super‑producer Greg Wells.

    Techniques . Mar 2022
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    CEDAR Audio Managing Director, Gordon Reid

    CEDAR Audio | Podcast

    Real-time Audio Restoration & Noise Suppression

    CEDAR Audio has led the world in audio restoration and noise suppression for over three decades. We find out more about their ground-breaking technologies.

    Music Business Mar 2022
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    Q. How should I align meters when working with both hardware and software?

    I need to align some analogue gear to work with digital audio embedded in a video broadcast... what dBFS should my digital PPM read at the end of the chain?

    Sound Advice Feb 2022
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    Vocal Mix Prep

    Processing Options Before Mixing

    With your lead vocal performance comped and tuned, and its timing tightened, is there anything else to do before you start mixing?

    Techniques . Feb 2022
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    Inside Track: TWICE 'Scientist'

    Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Taesub Lee

    When you’re polishing a nine‑piece vocal band like TWICE to K‑pop perfection, organisation is essential!

    Techniques . Feb 2022
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    Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio

    Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio | Podcast

    A new format in surround sound mixing

    David Gould, Director of Audio Content Solutions at Dolby Labs, talks to Hugh Robjohns about immersive audio and how Dolby Atmos works.

    Music Business Feb 2022
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    Frank Dukes

    Producer & Entrepreneur

    Having crafted some of the biggest hits in pop, Adam King Feeney, aka Frank Dukes, built an ambitious sample library to help others do the same.

    People . Jan 2022


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