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AJH Synth debut 3 new modules at SynthFest UK

British synth makers show off phaser, filter and Finaliser

British company AJH Synth have made a name for themselves with modules such as the MiniMod Vintage Transistor Core VCO and various affordable, problem-solving  Eurorack gear. The first of their new offerings — debuted at SynthFest UK 2017 in Sheffield — is the Mega-Phase 12, an analogue phaser based on the famous Small Stone analogue phaser from Electro-Harmonix. But, as Alan J Hall (AJH) explains, there's a lot more going on here  in his Eurorack module than there is in the guitar pedal.

The second of AJH Synth's three new modules is a particularly useful device for giving your synth sounds that final polish. The Finaliser R-EQ is a four-band equaliser with an Alesis reverb chip that allows various styles of reverb or a delay to be added to your sound. It also sports a maximiser and an exciter for fattening and brightening your sounds. Find out more about it and hear how it sounds below.

Finally, we took a look and listen to the Gemini 2412 from AJH Synth which puts two SEM state variable filters (as sound in Oberheim synths) into a single module. Vintage vibe is the name of the game here, but having two filters available means that the 12 dB/oct slope can be made twice as steep, creating a 24 dB/oct filter sound. Thanks to the use of a voltage-controlled crossfader, you can also use a control voltage to affect the mix between the two different filter sounds. This is all best explained by hearing it though, so watch our show report from SynthFest UK.

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