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Aston Element design enters final phase

Last chance to help design Aston’s new microphone

Aston Element

As we’ve reported before (see here), Aston’s newest microphone, the Element, is being designed with the help of the general public, who have been asked to take part in blind listening tests involving prototypes of the Element and other market-leading microphones. The campaign has received thousands of responses, and is now entering its final stage.Aston Element merchandise

The third round of voting closes on July 15th, and is still open for eligible members of the public (ie. people who own a DAW and a good-quality set of studio monitors/headphones), so even if you haven’t taken part yet, there’s still time to get involved. Successful applicants will receive a bundle of exclusive Aston merchandise, plus a certificate proving your involvement in the Element’s design. What’s more, you’ll also be eligible to buy a special Developer’s Edition of the new microphone, at a reduced price.

To find out more, and to take part in the scheme, simply follow the link below.

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