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AudioScape launch DA-3A compressor

Recreates an LA-3A with popular gain mod

AudioScape DA-3A outboard compressor limiter Teletronix LA-3A replica clone

The latest piece of hardware to join the AudioScape line-up recreates one of the most sought-after compressor/limiters of all time, the Teletronix LA-3A Leveling Amplifier. The new DA-3A promises to deliver the classic sound and character of the iconic unit, but introduces some helpful modern features that were not present in the original design. 

The opto-attenuators employed in the dual-channel DA-3A are of AudioScape’s own design, and are made in-house by the company, as are the proprietary input and output transformers — the circuitry also features auto-formers that have been precisely manufactured to ’60s/70’s specifications. As for the rest of the circuitry, the company have opted for period-correct components throughout, using NOS (new old stock) metal-can transistors and carbon-film resistors. 

Each channel is equipped with large Gain and Peak Reduction controls, as found on the original LA-3A, and the HF Contour and Stereo Adjust parameters that used to be hidden around the rear are now within reach on the unit’s front panel. The company have also implemented a popular modification that is credited to Bob Clearmountain, which optimises the internal gain structure and offers improved noise performance. 

Pricing & Availability

The DS-3A is available to order now, and is currently (30 April 2024) being offered at an introductory price of $1699, reduced from its full cost of $1799. AudioScape are also running a giveaway, where one lucky winner (who will be announced on 11 May 2024) will receive the first DA-3A to leave the production line. More information can be found on the company’s website.

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