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Boss release DS-1W Distortion

Modern take on a classic distortion pedal

Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion guitar pedal

Boss have announced the release of the DS-1W Distortion, the most recent addition to their acclaimed Waza Craft pedal family. Based on the legendary DS-1 Distortion, this latest model retains the look and character of the original pedal, but is built around a newly revised discreet analogue circuit and two modes of operation which provide players with more versatility and a wider range of tones.

Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion guitar pedal The DS-1W features the same look as the original, but offers more versatility thanks to a new circuit design and two selectable modes of operation. A Standard mode delivers the authentic sound of the original in every way. It features an innovative two-stage gain circuit, and a versatile tone control simultaneously boosts and cuts each end of the frequency spectrum as the knob is turned. This allows players to dial in the ideal sound for any application, from sharp rhythms and searing solos to maintaining low-end clarity when boosting amps and other drive pedals.

A new Custom mode introduces a bold new voice which Boss say takes the unmistakable DS-1 character to the next dimension, producing a thicker, more mid-focused tone that helps guitar parts to stand out in a mix. The tone control has been tuned to maximise the mode’s richness and presence, and the available level has been increased by 6dB, providing a wider range of gain boost for driving amps and pedals. A more sensitive input also enables players to vary the pedal’s tone with their picking dynamics and volume control adjustments on their guitar.

As with all of the Waza Craft models, the DS-1W features a premium buffer for a clean and clear tone when bypassed, and also comes with a standard five-year warranty.

Pricing & Availability

The Boss DS-1W Distortion will be available from October 2022, priced at $149.99£150 including VAT.

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