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IK Multimedia announce Amplitube 4

Simulated 3D speaker cabinet, two mics and more available in new version

IK Multimedia have today announced the launch of Amplitube 4, a major upgrade to their guitar and bass plug-in and Mac/PC software. According to IK, it features “the most advanced speaker cabinet section ever developed” as well as new speaker modelling, five new British amplifiers, a new acoustic simulator pedal, an additional ‘effects loop’ slot between the preamp and power amp sections, a built-in 8-track DAW, a more precise tuner, an intuitive looper section and more.

The new Cab Room is a 3D speaker cabinet recording space that can be changed depending upon the desired room type and effect. Players can choose from a range of room types — from a cavernous ‘garage’ to a full-on cabinet ‘dead’ room - and mix the room effect and colour into the overall sound. On top of that, the cab room now has 5 distinct customization sections: There's the cabinet selection, with size adjustment, where players can choose the speaker cabinet they'd like to match to their amplifier. There's individual speaker selection where users can swap out individual speakers. There's mic selection and placement for finding each speaker's ‘sweet spot’. There's room selection where players select the surrounding recording environment. And there's also a mixer section that lets players mix the levels of their speaker mics, room ambience, direct amp signal and overall main mix. 

Musicians can also now mike their cabinets with up to two microphones in a full 3D space. With 18 highly coveted recording microphone models available in the AmpliTube Custom Shop, AmpliTube 4 simulates an even more realistic recording environment. The room microphones can also be chosen from the available mics. This, coupled with its swappable speakers, allows for true cabinet miking with full speaker interaction — a digital first.

The new software is currently available for pre-order at a special limited-time price of $/€99.99 or 100 Gear Credits to everyone. AmpliTube 4 will be available in October via the IK online store and select music instrument retailers at a price of $/€149.99 (150 Gear Credits from the AmpliTube Custom Shop).

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