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Jack Joseph Puig's Waves presets

Download JJPs presets for free!
Plug-in designers Waves have released a free library of presets created by chart-topping producer Jack Joseph Puig (who was featured in SOS November 2007, and on-line here). Puig has worked with the likes of Sheryl Crow, U2, the Rolling Stones and No Doubt, and is a long-time user of Waves plug-ins.

The JJP presets are for Waves’ Audio Track, PS22, Trans X, Enigma and Meta Flanger plug-ins and can be downloaded from the Waves web site. They are only available for registered users, and login details are required before the download can commence.

In related news, Waves say that they are working with Jack Joseph Puig on a new and “very special” project, although they haven’t given us any idea about what this is yet. Watch this space for more.

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