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Klevgrand unveil Ting

Extraordinary sounds from everyday objects

Swedish software instrument makers Klevgrand have been keeping busy during quarantine, by producing a new sample-based percussion VI called Ting. All of its sounds were made using everyday household objects, with its 12 'kit' pads representing things like silverware, sofa, car keys, paper scratch and 'big box'.

To add a little spice to the raw samples — of which there are over 500 — Ting includes a built-in EQ, both convolution and algorithmic reverbs, per-sound adjustment of pan, pitch, dynamics and reverb send. There's also a master-bus compressor present for squashing the full mix of percussive sounds.

The objects used to make Ting might be mundane, but the sounds it can create are anything but. What's more, it comes with a very quarantine-friendly price of just $19.99 for the AU, VST and AAX versions, or $7.99 for the iOS AUv3 edition. You can watch a clip of Ting in action below.

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