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KRK Ergo

Room-correction system
As the inexorable rise of the project studio continues, more and more monitor manufacturers are acknowledging that their products are often used in less than ideal acoustic environments, and employing advanced computer technology to help out.

The NAMM show saw KRK launch their Ergo digital room-correction system, which consists of a desktop DSP unit and a measurement mic. The DSP unit sits between your DAW and your monitor speakers, and can act as a basic monitor controller thanks to its large volume wheel and ability to switch between ‘A’ and ‘B’ speaker outputs. It also acts as a Firewire audio interface, allowing measurements to be taken from the calibration mic.

To set up Ergo, you locate the mic at a number of random positions within the room and run the measurement utility on your Mac or PC. This builds up a three-dimensional picture of the room’s response, and allows it to calculate the frequencies at which problematic resonances reside.

This information is then transferred to the Ergo unit’s hardware DSP, which can apply up to 1024 narrow EQ bands to fine-tune the monitor response to the features of your room. For more information, should you need it, head to KRK’s special Ergo web site,

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