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New Impression Series designs from GIK Acoustics 

Five new designs added to aesthetically pleasing acoustic panel range

Acoustic treatment manufacturers GIK Acoustics have expanded their popular Impression Series of aesthetically pleasing acoustic panels and bass traps with five new designs.

First introduced in January 2017, the Impression Series present a way of not only improving the sound but also the look of your studio. These acoustic panels and bass traps combine proven, effective absorption with beautifully decorative plates to deliver an aural and visual statement to enhance any room. The rigid plate not only gives the panel a stylish appearance but also helps reflect/scatter high-frequency content in the room giving the proper balance needed, say its makers. 

The five new Impression series panels are dubbed Basketweave, Braids, Palomar, Sunrise, and Wavy Leaves and join existing designs to make a line-up of 12 designs. 

They come in three standard sizes: Square (600mm x 600mm), Narrow (300mm x 1200mm) and Rectangle (600mm x 1200mm); three thicknesses: (50mm acoustic panel, 100mm bass trap and 150mm bass trap) and five finishes. These are Beech wood veneer, Black veneer, White veneer, Grey Elm veneer, and Mahogany veneer — more than enough choice for any studio.

For pricing and additional information, please visit the GIK website for your region. 

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