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RME Fireface 802 FS now available

60 channels of analogue & digital I/O

RME Fireface 802 FS 60-channel audio interface analogue S/PDIF ADAT Wordclock MIDI

The latest addition to RME’s range of audio interfaces, the Fireface 802 FS, offers 60 channels of analogue and digital I/O and provides users with a high-end recording solution that boasts ultra-low latency operation and the stable, reliable performance that the company are renowned for.


Four XLR/TRS combo sockets on the device’s front panel offer connectivity for microphone, line-level and instrument signals, with the built-in preamps employing the technology found in RME’s OctaMic II unit. Each of the four channels is equipped with independently switchable phantom power, and promise to deliver a clean, transparent signal thanks to an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and flat frequency response. To their right, are a pair of stereo headphone outputs, each with their own individual volume control and a +17dBu output that will happily drive a wide range of headphones.

Moving on to the rear panel, a total of 16 quarter-inch TRS sockets provide eight line-level inputs and outputs, accounting for the remainder of the unit’s analogue I/O. Helpfully, the line-level outputs are all DC-coupled, allowing them to be used to send CV (control voltage) or Gate signals to modular synthesizers or other compatible audio hardware. All of the analogue I/O, including the microphone preamps, benefit from upgraded A-D and D-A converters, allowing this latest FS version to offer improved technical performance over its predecessor.

In terms of digital I/O, the Fireface 802 FS is equipped with four Toslink connectors that provide 16 channels of 24-bit audio in either direction at sample rates up to 48kHz using the ADAT protocol— or eight channels at 96kHz / four channels at 192kHz via S/MUX or S/MUX4. The second Toslink port can also be configured to offer two channels of S/PDIF optical at sample rates up to 200kHz. A pair of XLR connectors then offer two channels of AES/EBU I/O, and a MIDI input and output is provided by two five-pin DIN sockets. Wordclock I/O is also present, utilising a pair of BNC connectors.

TotalMix FX

As with all of RME’s interfaces, the Fireface 802 FS is supplied with the company’s TotalMix FX mixer and signal routing software. Additionally, it benefits from onboard DSP, which powers a range of EQ, dynamics, reverb and delay processors, as well as offering built-in monitoring control facilities. The company’s optional ARC USB remote unit is also supported, which provides hands-on control over all of the software’s key features in a compact desktop unit.


Connectivity to a host computer is provided via USB 2, and the unit is capable of running via RME’s dedicated drivers, or as class-compliant device which is natively supported on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. The latter mode also makes it possible to use the interface with Apple’s range of iPad devices. The unit features an internal PSU, and will accept mains power via a standard IEC inlet.

Pricing & Availability

The Fireface 802 FS is available now, priced at $2299£1819 including VAT.

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