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Samplecraze video subscriptions now available

Access audio production & sound design content for $9.99/mo

We recently reported that audio production and sound design tutorial site — created by SOS contributor Eddie Bazil — had launched a new series of over 130 video tutorials, each available for individual download for a small fee.

If the purchasing model is too early 2000s for you, then all of the same content can also be accessed via a $9.99-per-month subscription model on video subscription site The Audio Production Hub. Select videos will also be available for as little as $1.99 to 'rent and stream' or $2.99 to 'buy and download'. 

Videos range in subject from 'Creating Drum Elements for Layering' to 'Low End Defined' and also cover topics such as 'Bass and Kick Frequency Blending' and the theory behind phase.

Bazil has years of experience in the music production industry working as programmer to likes of DJ Shadow, Pet Shop Boys and Spandau Ballet, as well as being a remixer and a sound designer for Native instruments and Propellerheads.

More video content is coming from so keep an eye on that site for the latest updates.

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