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Steinberg unveil HALion 7

New FM & spectral processing features

Steinberg HALion 7 software sampling synthesis platform FM wavetable sampler softsynth

Steinberg have announced the availability of HALion 7, the latest version of their powerful sampling and synthesis software platform. A range of new features have been introduced, including FM synthesis capabilities, a new Spectral Zone capable of transforming samples into new sounds, a sampled open-tuned guitar, and much more.

FM & Spectral Zones

A new FM Zone developed in a collaboration with Yamaha provides users with a wealth of FM synthesis functionality, allowing them to combine up to eight operators which can be used as carriers or routed to feedback loops. An Algorithm Finder function facilitates the creation of everything from classic DX7 sounds through to modern-sounding FM patches, and the software also now supports DX7 and TX81Z SYX file imports.

The newly added Spectral Zone houses a spectral oscillator which features a time-stretch and resynthesis algorithm, which promises to deliver impressive results even when used at extreme settings. Playback speed changes can be implemented in real time without affecting a signal’s pitch, or more intense settings can be used alongside parameters such as Format Shift, Spectral Filter, Purity, and Inharmonicity to transform samples into completely new sounds. Extensive visual feedback is also provided within the section courtesy of an FFT view.

Modulation & Effects

HALion’s modulation capabilities have also been expanded, with an interface overhaul allowing modulation sources and destinations to be assigned via a drag and drop system, or by using a new Modulation Row interface that appears when parameters are clicked. The User Envelope has also gained brush, pen, and eraser tools, meaning custom envelopes can easily be created in addition to the range of pre-designed shapes, and a new Shaper mode makes it possible to cycle through different envelope shapes in sync with the host DAWs tempo.

A total of 10 new effects have been introduced, offering a range of new EQ, delay, chorus, and overdrive processors, as well as an envelope filter, and it is also possible to import impulse response files for use within the REVerence reverb effect. Steinberg have included several built-in files created from iconic effects units from the likes of EMT and Lexicon.

Other Improvements

A range of other features are also included with HALion 7, including some advanced wavetable synthesis functionality, a refreshed mixer with improved effects handling capabilities, and a redesigned MediaBay which promises to make it easier than ever to browse and select samples, layers, programs, presets, and multis.


HALion 7 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or 11, and Macs running macOS Big Sur, Monterey, or Ventura. It is available in VST3, AU, and AAX plug-in formats.

Pricing & Availability

HALion 7 is available now, priced at $349.99€349. Upgrade, crossgrade, and educational pricing is available via the Steinberg Online Shop, and those who have activated HALion 6, Absolute 5 or earlier versions since 1 November 2022 are eligible for a free grace period update to the latest version.

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