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Summer NAMM ’16: Lauten Audio LA320

Large diaphragm tube condenser mic with low- & high-cut filters

Lauten Audio’s LA-320 large diaphragm vacuum tube studio condenser vocal microphone, is the first microphone in the company’s new line dubbed "Series Black". The LA-320 features a 1-inch pressure gradient true-condenser capsule, cardioid polar pattern, dual-triode vacuum tube, transformer balanced output, independent high and low cut filters, custom dedicated power supply, tube microphone cable, spider shock mount and hard case. 

The microphone is designed to give budding recordists an affordable entry into the world of vacuum tube microphone sound. One unusual feature of the LA-320 is the inclusion of both high and low cut filters. The idea is to be able to not only reduce rumble and bass boominess, but also to be able to use the high-cut filter (which rolls off above 12k) to help tame bright rooms with lots of reflections, and to work with bright sources. What makes the LA-320 filter design even more useful is that the engineer can use both filters at the same time, resolving many problems before the recording even hits the hard drive.

The LA-320 has a street price of around  $499 and is available now.

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