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Summer NAMM 2009: ART Microphones (Video)

M One USB & M Four Tube Microphones
In the April issue of Sound On Sound (and on-line here), we reported on the new M-series microphones launched by Applied Research & Technology (ART) at the Winter NAMM show. Back then, the M One, M Two, M Three and M Five were released, and we were perplexed as to why there was no M Four! Well, now there is!

It’s a large-diaphragm tube condenser that has a 'lollipop' head, although the mic does not use interchangeable heads, like other mics of this style. The M Five has a dual-capsule design and features a 10dB attenuator as well as a high-pass filter that can help to reduce the amount of low-frequency rumble that makes its way through the signal path. Its power supply, a separate unit, is equipped with a stepped knob for controlling the shape of the mic’s polar pattern, from omnidirectional through cardioid to figure-of-eight. It will cost a rather sensible $599 when it becomes available in August.

Also new from ART is a USB version of their M One large-diaphragm condenser mic. It connects straight into a computer via a single USB cable, and features an on-board headphone output, with volume and mix controls, for monitoring the signal from the connected DAW. Visit the ART web site for more information.

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