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Two new dynamic mics from Tascam

New models aimed at performers and broadcasters

Tascam TM-70TM-70.

Tascam TM-82TM-82.Tascam have just unveiled two new microphones — both moving-coil dynamics, and both intended for vocals, but otherwise aimed at very different markets.

The TM-70 is designed for the spoken word, and is aimed at voice-over artists, radio studios and podcasters. It has a supercardioid polar pattern intended to reduce ambient noise and negate poor acoustics, and comes with a shockmount, desktop stand and even an XLR cable.

The TM-82, meanwhile, is a handheld mic designed for sung vocals, and features a cardioid polar pattern. The reduced directivity compared with the TM-70 results in a less pronounced proximity effect, making mic positioning less critical and ensuring a consistent sound even with more animated performers.

Both mics are set to ship from the end of January, and are appealingly priced at only £79 for the TM-70, and £42 for the TM-82.

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