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VSL release MIR Pro 3D

Mixing and reverberation software receives major updates

VSL Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro 3D reverb immersive mixing audio software

Orchestral sample library experts Vienna Symphonic Library have released MIR Pro 3D, the third generation of their mixing and reverbaration software package. Offering solution for those mixing in stereo, binaural, surround, or immersive formats, this latest version brings a multitude of improvements and new features including 3rd Order Ambisonics capabilities, 3D audio support, and 3D positioning of instruments and virtual microphones.

Based on VSL’s groundbreaking Multi Impulse Response convolution technology, the company say that MIR Pro 3D allows any audio signal to be authentically placed in a “multi-sampled” room, with users able to choose MIR 3D RoomPacks which feature responses from world-renowned scoring stages, concert halls, studios and churches. One free RoomPack can be chosen with a purchase of MIR Pro 3D, with additional packs available separately from the VSL store.

VSL Vienna Symphonic Library MIR Pro 3D reverb immersive mixing audio softwareAudio sources are displayed as icons within a virtual room, allowing users to place them visually. The GUI presents audio sources as icons within a virtual room, allowing users to place them around the room visually rather than by altering faders, pans and pre-delays. Parameters such as volume, stereo width, 3D direction and dry/wet signal can then all be accessed directly from the icon. A wide range of output formats are supported, from stereo through to high channel-count immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Upmixing capability is also built in, with MIR Pro able to assist users in creating immersive mixes from stereo sources.

A new preset management system has been implemented, with a wealth of factory presets included with the software. Pre-configured Venue Presets allow for a quick and easy setup, and users are able to create their own presets, switch between them instantly, or even mix and match them thanks to a ‘Roles’ facility for individual sound sources. Multiple rooms (or different setups of the same rooms) can be used alongside each other, and instruments or entire sections and orchestras can be dragged and dropped between spaces.

Check out the video below for an in-depth explanation and demonstration of the new features.

The software is fully compatible with existing Vienna MIR Pro projects (although MIR 3D RoomPacks will still be required). For projects integrated with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, the free update of VE Pro 7 will be required.

MIR Pro 3D is available now for an introductory price of €695 until 15 August 2022, after which it will be priced at €745.!Product_Info

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