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Waves Audio Introduce SoundGrid Connect

Keep your existing interface & offload processing with new feature

With SoundGrid Connect — a new feature of the SoundGrid driver — you can now plug any ASIO/ Core Audio-compatible I/O to the SoundGrid network. This means you can offload your Waves plug-in processing to a SoundGrid DSP server without replacing the interface you are already working with or the playback engine you already have. Offloading processing is good news if you run bigger sessions as it allows you to run many more plug-ins on your existing system.

Additionally, if you already have a SoundGrid I/O, you can now use SoundGrid Connect to add your non-SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio interface to the SoundGrid network. Consequently, your current interface or I/O can be accessed by any other user on the SoundGrid network — making it possible to stream, record and mix from different locations and even using different DAWs.

SoundGrid Connect is available for free to any owner of at least one Waves software product.

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