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    How I Got That Sound: Stabbing Westward


    Asked to pick a favourite sound from the band’s influential catalogue, Walter Flakus dives into the track ‘Drugstore’, from 1998 album Darkest Days.

    Techniques Jun 2022
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    How I Got That Sound: Poo Bear

    Justin Bieber ‘Habitual’

    Poo Bear, the American two‑time Grammy Award‑nominated songwriter, producer and principal collaborator of pop megastar Justin Bieber, chooses his own favourite vocal on a track from Bieber’s Changes album.

    Techniques May 2022
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    Mike Plotnikoff: How To Record Electric Guitars

    The Guitar Man

    One of the world’s leading engineers specialising in rock music, Mike Plotnikoff is renowned for his guitar sounds. The secret? Find the right amp and keep it simple.

    Techniques May 2022
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    Howard Gray Producer

    Howard Gray - Producer | Podcast

    Engineering Tales From The '80s

    Howard Gray gives us a fascinating look behind the scenes of recording and engineering some of the biggest tracks of the '80s.

    People Apr 2022
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    VEMIA vintage gear auction

    VEMIA vintage gear auction

    The online sale will take place between 2nd - 9th April

    Classic gear, vintage and rare synths, studio monitors, mixers, recorders and more!

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    Elbow: Recording Flying Dream 1

    At The Theatre

    Elbow reacted against lockdown and their own tried and tested methods by hiring Brighton’s Theatre Royal as an improvised studio space.

    People Mar 2022
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    How I Got That Sound: Thorsten Quaeschning

    Tangerine Dream ‘Los Santos City Map’

    Asked to nominate his favourite sounds he’s created on record, the Tangerine Dream leader picks a track composed for the soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto V in 2013.

    Techniques Mar 2022
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    How I Got That Sound: Howard Benson

    POD ‘Youth Of The Nation’

    Grammy Award‑winning American producer Howard Benson discusses how he achieved the drum sound on POD’s 2001 hit ‘Youth Of The Nation’.

    Techniques Feb 2022
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    Recording Crawler

    For their latest album, Crawler, Idles guitarist Mark Bowen adopted the role of producer for the first time.

    Techniques Feb 2022
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    How I Got That Sound: Tom Syrowski

    Incubus ‘In The Company Of Wolves’

    Recalling his favourite sound, LA‑based producer and mixing engineer Tom Syrowski chose the vocal on Incubus’ 2011 track, ‘In The Company Of Wolves’.

    Techniques Jan 2022
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    Eve Studios owner Martin King

    Radiophonic Recording At Eve Studios


    It's more than 20 years since the BBC closed their legendary Radiophonic Workshop, but its spirit lives on in the Radiophonic Room at Manchester's Eve Studios.

    Techniques Jan 2022
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    Tim Carroll & Will Hoult of Focusrite

    Focusrite - Scarlett Interfaces | Podcast

    Behind The Brand

    It's 10 years since Focusrite launched their best-selling Scarlett range of audio interfaces, now into its third generation. CEO Tim Carroll and Will Hoult, Head Of Product at Focusrite and Novation talk to Sam Inglis about what's behind the success of the Scarletts.

    Music Business Jan 2022
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    Classic Tracks: Wire ‘Outdoor Miner’

    Producer: Mike Thorne • Studio: Advision

    The three albums Mike Thorne produced for Wire showed that there was much, much more to punk than met the eye.

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman ‘True’

    Elfman recently released his latest solo album, Big Mess, and chose a track from the album as his favourite sonic achievement.

    Techniques Dec 2021
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    Q. Should I apply dither after sample-rate conversion?

    If I open a 16‑bit, 96kHz audio file, resample it to 48kHz, and then export it again, still at 16 bits, do I need to apply dither?

    Sound Advice Dec 2021
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    Talkback: Du Blonde

    Singer / Producer Beth Jeans Houghton

    Newcastle‑based singer and producer Beth Jeans Houghton, aka Du Blonde, enters the quick-fire questions round...

    People Dec 2021
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    Fred Gibson aka Fred again...

    From Eno Apprentice To Brit Award-winning Producer

    Producer Fred Gibson (aka Fred again..) studied under Brian Eno and has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. And his favourite microphone is the one built into his iPhone.

    People Nov 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Andrew Maury

    Lewis Del Mar ‘Loud(y)’

    New York‑based engineer and producer Andrew Maury, when asked to pick a favourite sound that he’s worked on, nominates the drum mix he created for Lewis Del Mar's ‘Loud(y)’.

    Techniques Nov 2021
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    Hugh Robjohns (L) and Paul White (R)

    From Tape To DAW | Podcast

    Recollections From Paul White & Hugh Robjohns

    Paul White and Hugh Robjohns discuss the evolution of recording from the perspective of their own experiences, starting with analogue tape and ending with computer-based digital systems.

    People Nov 2021
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    Duran Duran

    Nick Rhodes: Making Future Past

    For their 15th album, Duran Duran collaborated with three masters of electronic music and a dog‑fixated artificial intelligence.

    People Oct 2021
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    How I Got That Sound: Martin Landquist

    A‑ha ‘Lifelines’

    Landquist reveals how he got his favourite sound on A‑ha’s ‘Lifelines’, the 2002 title track to the Norwegian synth‑popsters’ seventh studio album.

    Techniques Oct 2021


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