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Microtech Gefell M320

Omnidirectional Microphone
Published July 2018
By Hugh Robjohns

Microtech Gefell M320

Twelve years since the original M300 was launched, illustrious mic makers Gefell have released an omni version — and it doesn’t disappoint!

The Microtech Gefell story is a fascinating one of triumph over adversity, of a company divided but surviving under state control and cold‑war politics, and now thriving again as an independent, privately owned company with an amazing heritage (see box for more detail). We’ve reviewed many of the company’s microphones in the pages of Sound On Sound over the years, but the subject here is an addition to the small‑diaphragm M300 range, which I reviewed back in April 2006. The original M300 cardioid model gained a hypercardioid sibling (the M310) quite quickly, but it’s taken more than a decade for Microtech Gefell to introduce an omnidirectional version to the...

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Published July 2018