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Behringer tease new analogue synth

Long-rumoured synthesizer (almost) revealed

For several years there have been rumours circulating about a Behringer synth. Now, it seems, the rumours are being proved true. And, based on the Midas gear in the background of the video, one might reasonably assume that the synth is being developed at the Midas HQ in the UK. Naturally, we're only speculating, though. All we do know so far is that the synth is analogue, discrete and sounds rather good from what little we can hear.

Behringer have released the above video on YouTube entitled 'Behringer Synth Vol. 1' — whether that's the name of the synth or not, is yet to be established, but there's little doubt we'll see more trailers before the product is fully unveiled.

Make what you will of the trailer and we'll bring you more info as we have it. Hopefully the price tag will be in line with other Behringer products...

Behringer will be exhibiting at SynthFest UK 1st October.

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