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Kilohearts plug-ins get free update

Multipass and Snap Heap gain major new features

Kilohearts v2 Update
Kilohearts have announced a free update to their entire range of plug-ins. This v2 update focuses primarily on modulation, with the addition of several new modulators as well as the entire modulation system found in the company’s Phase Plant plug-in being incorporated into their Multipass and Snap Heap effects. Previously limited to a handful of options, v2 sees the two plug-ins kitted out with the full capabilities of Kilohearts’ Modulation System, which the manufacturer says will “open up whole universes of new creative possibilities for creating dynamic, evolving, responsive, or chaotic modular effects”.

New Modulators

Curve - This allows users to draw their own modulation shapes and set loop points with a selection of modes.

LFO Table - Allows wavetables to be loaded in and used as LFOs.

Remap - A tool for mapping input and output values, locking pitch values to a specific note frequency, for example.

Sample & Hold + Audio Follower + Pitch Track - These utilities from Snap Heap and Multipass are now available across the whole Kilohearts range. Sample and Hold grabs input values when triggered, Audio Follower uses an incoming signals amplitude to modulate any chosen parameter, whilst Pitch Tracker takes the same approach with a signal’s pitch.

A number of functionality and GUI improvements have also been made, including MPE support, improved visualisation of modulation connections, modulator/effects groups, and external automation capabilities for any parameter.

Available now as a free update to existing Kilohearts users, more information can be found on the Kilohearts website.

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