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Mackie DL32R goes fully wireless

Boasts stagebox design and multi-track recording to USB drive

Since their introduction, over two million shows have been mixed on Mackie’s DL-series mixers. Now, with their latest model, the company are taking the wireless mixer concept in a slightly different direction. The Mackie DL32R is a 32-in, 14-out, 3U rackmountable stagebox and mixer with full wireless control via iPad, but no dock. Designed for use at larger venues, the DL32R gives the engineer remote control over everything, including the 32 recallable Onyx+ mic preamps which Senior Mackie Product Manager Ben Olswang calls the company’s “best pre ever”. Based on the company’s Onyx preamp design, the Onyx+ offers better noise performance and a flatter frequency response and, importantly, it doesn’t make any clicks or pops when changing gain.

In addition to the 14 fully assignable XLR outputs, the DL32R sports stereo AES digital outputs and a Dante expansion card slot for adding more physical outputs. 

A much-requested feature is the ability to record and play back multi-channel audio. On launch, the hardware will support 24-in, 24-out recording/playback to a USB 2 hard drive, with the channel count increasing to 32 ins and outs post-launch. Wireless control over playback and recording opens the door for virtual soundchecks and multitrack show recordings. This, combined with support for up to 10 simultaneous iOS device connections, allows complex setups. For example, musicians can trigger backing tracks from an iPad while the FOH engineer controls recording and playback independently. Unlike many competitors, all of this can be achieved directly from the iPad. The DL32R also doubles as a 32-in, 32-out recording interface for Mac and PC.

The DSP engine provides 36 input channels (32 ins and four returns) all with full channel processing, 28 output buses, and three stereo effects processors. Notably, the mixer engine also allows A/B sources, letting you switch to a backup mic on the same channel if disaster strikes.

All DL-series users can benefit from the latest version of the Master Fader control app, which adds an overview mode for monitoring all channels without scrolling. 

The DL32R is set to only cost $1999£1749 — a reasonable price given the number of on-board preamps and the portability factor. It should be available in October.

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