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New podcasting mic from Audio-Technica

AT2040 ships with pivoting boom stand

Audio-Technica AT2040

Audio-Technica have just announced the AT2040, a dynamic microphone aimed at the booming podcast market. Building on the company's R&D for their BP40 broadcast model, the AT2040 likewise has a hypercardioid polar pattern to minimise ambient pickup, and a multi-layer basket mesh to reduce plosives.

At its low price of just £89, the AT2040 should appeal to novice podcasters, but unlike many entry-level podcasting mics, which employ a USB connection, the AT2040 uses a good old-fashioned XLR, for use with traditional consoles as well as audio interfaces.

The mic ships with a thread adaptor, a protective soft pouch and — impressively given the price — a pivoting boom stand. The AT2040 is available now.

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