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Synchro Arts debut VocAlign Project 5

Most affordable way to access this cutting-edge technology

Synchro Arts VocAlign Project 5Synchro Arts VocAlign Project 5

Synchro Arts' VocAlign is an industry standard tool throughout the world of music production and post-production, allowing timing and pitch variations to be matched between two or more vocal takes. Whether you're conforming ADR to an on-set dialogue recording or tightening the timing of massed backing vocals, VocAlign can be a huge time-saver. VocAlign Ultra, released at the end of last year, represented the most radical overhaul in the program's 25-year history. VocAlign Ultra was rewritten using algorithms from Synchro Arts' more open-ended Revoice Pro, aiming to offer the same advanced processing quality in a more streamlined package.

The new VocAlign Project 5 is more streamlined still, and is also the most affordable way to access this cutting-edge technology. Replacing the established VocAlign Project 3, it incorporates many new features, most notably SmartAlign: a clever time-saving tool that can analyse vocal recordings to detect which sections would make a good match. This is potentially invaluable in situations where, for example, timing needs to be matched across takes that have different start and end points. 

VocAlign Project 5 also introduces a variable Tightness control, allowing you to set the balance between super-accurate timing at one end of the scale and a more relaxed, natural feel at the other. The plug-in window is now fully resizable and there are numerous other enhancements including a better waveform display and alignment presets.

VocAlign Project 5 is available now for Mac OS and Windows, and is a free upgrade to anyone who registered VocAlign Project 3 after March 16th this year. Buy before October 25 and you can get it at the special introductory price of £87.60 including VAT (US: $99). After that date, it will revert to the still very affordable full price of £130.80 ($149).

You can read SOS's review of VocAlign Ultra here.

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