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VocALign gets high-speed integration in Studio One

Align BVs, double tracks & ADR more efficiently with ARA integration

Synchro Arts and PreSonus have teamed up to integrate VocALign really tightly intoStudio One with a simple, streamlined workflow to provide automatic, instantaneous time alignment of selected audio signals. 

Since 1995, VocALign has been known as a ‘must have’ time alignment tool in any audio professional’s workflow. It provides vast time-saving and quality benefits when tightening double-tracked vocals and backing harmonies, aligning instrument tracks or sound effects, and syncing ADR or foreign language dubbing.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between Melodyne makers Celemony, PreSonus and VocALign developers Synchro Arts, VocALign can take advantage of the ARA standard in Studio One, making its implementation super fast. ARA (Audio Random Access) is a pioneering extension for audio plug-in interfaces that Synch Arts are now using to make this possible. Co-developed by Celemony and PreSonus. ARA technology enhances the communication between plug-in and DAW, and gives the plug-in and host instant access to the audio data.

The ARA versions of VocALign Project and VocALign Pro are available as free updates for existing VocALign license owners. Two versions of VocALign with ARA are available in the VST3 plug-in's of VocALign Project 3 and VocALign PRO 4.

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