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Audient offer UK students 20% off interfaces

Up to £100 off Audient's iD-series interfaces until end Oct.

Audient have rolled out an exclusive UK Student Discount offering up to £100 off their complete range of audio interfaces for all UK students for a limited period. This deal is valid across the entire iD audio interface series: iD4, iD14, iD22 and the newest addition, iD44 until 31st October 2018.

The offer is available to those in full-time education in the UK only and can mean savings of up to £100 on the award-winning iD range. Eligible applicants simply need to phone, email or visit their nearest participating dealer and provide a photo or copy of a valid student, teacher or lecturer ID - or their educational email address (.ac or .edu etc)

“At Audient we have always had a strong relationship with education and are proud to have consoles in educational facilities all over the world,” says Audient’s marketing manager, Andy Allen. “The majority of the Audient team have graduated from audio-focussed university courses themselves, so we know how important it is for students to have access to high-quality products at affordable prices early on in their audio careers.”

All the iD interfaces are bus-powered, right through from the 2 in/2 out iD4 to the 20 in/24 out iD44 with additional console style monitor control. They all also feature Audient console Class-A mic preamps, pristine converters and a discrete JFET DI input.

“Share this great offer with classmates and friends, don’t let them miss out on this amazing, time-limited deal,” adds Andy. “With this UK student discount, those world-renowned ASP8024-HE mic pres just got even more affordable.”

Offer valid until the end of October, terms and conditions apply so click here to read full details.

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